Artist's Statement

Art is a reflection of the self—the essence of what the artist sees and feels. It is through the process of creating that the art and the artist become inseparable. My passion for beauty and my fascination with vibrant color, depth, shadow, and movement are evident in all my paintings. The brilliant colors of nature and the man-made objects of silver, glass, fabric, and ceramics are props for my imagination. Using contradictions of shape and form, brilliant light and contrasting shadow, and a solid foundation in freehand drawing, I develop strong value patterns in my compositions. For me, color equals joy! Upon seeing the brilliant bursts of bold color in my paintings, people most often, stop abruptly and comment on the joy and happiness they see and feel when viewing my work. They feel the WOW factor.

I invite you to step into my world!

Fine art by Sonya Lyster-Baime (414)961-0229